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Education is at the heart of every community, reflecting its past and shaping its present and future. CWPA has designed educational facilities to meet the needs of students, staff members, administrators and the community for over 30 years. We understand that safety, security, cost, schedule, durability and maintenance are all critical issues in school design. We work hard to create safe, secure and stimulating environments to encourage participation and foster growth. We work together to discern the best possible solution for each (school) community.

“I highly recommend Carlson West Povondra Architects for services in all aspects of architecture. Their staff is accommodating, customer-oriented, and produce excellent results.”

Mr. Mark Lenihan, Superintendent, Wayne Community Schools, NE



Battle Creek Elementary School

Fairbury Public Schools

Gross Catholic High School

Health and Conditioning Center

– Innovation Center

Chapel Renovation

Hampton Public School

Howells Dodge Elementary School

Laurel Concord Coleridge Public Schools

Leigh Public Schools

Lincoln Public Schools

– West Lincoln Elementary School

– Lincoln High School Renovations

– Southeast High School Renovations

– Point Middle School Renovations

– Irving Middle School Renovations

Milford Public Schools

– Elementary Admin. & Classroom Addition

– High School Addition & Renovation

– Elementary Pre-K Addition

– High School Science Labs Addition

Millard Public Schools

– Black Elk Elementary

– Ackerman Elementary

Niobrara Public Schools

North Bend Central Public Schools

Omaha Public Schools

– Adams Elementary

– Belvedere Elementary

– Benson West Elementary

– Boyd Elementary School

– Central Park Elementary

– Conestoga Elementary

– Dundee Elementary

– Kellom Elementary

– King Elementary

– Jefferson Elementary

– North High School

– South High School

– Skinner Elementary

Schuyler Public Schools Dual Language Center

St. Columbkille Parish Center

Stuart Public Schools

University of Nebraska at Omaha

– Welcome Center

– Fieldhouse Roof

– University Village Student Housing

University of Nebraska Medical Center

– Gross Anatomy Lab

Tekamah-Herman Public Schools

Verdigre Public Schools

Wakefield Public Schools

Wausa Public Schools

Wayne Community Schools

– High School Addition

– Early Learning Center

– Automotive Education Renovation

– Middle School Addition

– Elementary School Addition

West Point Public Schools

Winnebago Public Schools 

– Social and Emotional Resource Center

– Transportation Facility

Practice Gymnasium Addition

High School Addition & Renovation

Track and Field



5060 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132-2965

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