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Howells Dodge Public School

Howells, NE | May 2023

Facility Analysis Study | Bond Referendum and Promotion | Addition & Renovation

1,900 Sq. Ft. Renovation
10,500 Sq. Ft. New Addition 

Facing challenges with operating multiple elementary schools in separate locations the Howells Dodge School community made the decision to consolidate all elementary students and staff into a single facility. This decision required the addition and renovation of elementary space at the Howell’s elementary site.

In addition to the necessary classroom space, we provided a clearly identifiable covered front entrance, secure entry vestibule and administration office space. With such a significant addition to this facility, it was important to design additions that kept the school cohesive and balanced. By matching the existing brick, we are able blend the new portions with the existing. By refreshing the existing facility with new metal panels and accent masonry to match the new additions provided an updated, uniform look.

The high roof and clerestory windows bring natural light deep into the school and fill the main corridors with natural light. On the interior, the new finishes extend into the existing building, further blending old and new. Finally, a significant rework of a portion of the existing building was made to provide a new media center. This project achieves the goal of blending two communities under one roof and strengthen their school culture


5060 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132-2965

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