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Omaha Public Schools Kellom Elementary Renovation

Omaha, NE | 2013
2,124 sq. ft. Auditorium
9,324 sq. ft. Ceiling replacement


Carlson West Povondra Architects (CWPA) provided design and construction administration services for two improvement projects at Kellom Elementary School. Renovation of the school’s auditorium was the initial project. Doors and hardware were upgraded to meet code, the existing wood trim and stage were refinished, wood base added, damaged seats were refurbished, plaster walls and bulkheads were repaired, ceilings and lighting replaced and technology brought up to date. Air conditioning was added and floor and wall finishes were updated throughout. This is truly a multi-purpose space used for classes, presentations, performances, staff meetings and community functions.

The second project involved investigation of original classroom ceilings and “light scoop” clerestory structures. A natural lighting study showed the impact exposing the old clerestory windows would have on the classrooms. Leaks in the windows were repaired and ceilings and lighting replaced with new acoustic tile ceilings and energy efficient fluorescent fixtures.

Photographs by Philip Daubman Photography

5060 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132-2965

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