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Winnebago Public Schools Transportation Facility

Winnebago, NE | Fall 2019
12,500 sq. ft. Transportation Facility
1,200 sq. ft. Track Storage Building


This project consisted of a new transportation facility, automotive shop and track storage buildings for Winnebago Public Schools. The new facility provided vehicle storage space for buses, vans and other maintenance vehicles and equipment as well as a vehicle wash bay and a maintenance bay that included an office, restroom and additional mezzanine storage space. In constructing this facility, the school took this as an opportunity to create a new automotive shop and classroom for their students. This provided a new, modern automotive space for their students while freeing up space in their main school building.

As part of this project, the school also constructed a small standalone storage building that could be used to house track and field equipment. Due to the building’s location and needing to be partially recessed into a hill, the transportation facility was built from a combination of concrete, masonry and steel frame construction.

5060 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132-2965

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