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West Lincoln Elementary School

Lincoln, NE  |  2017
14,160 sf addition


Carlson West Povondra teamed with Lincoln Public Schools on the addition and renovation of the West Lincoln Elementary School. This single story, open floor plan building was originally constructed in 1956 and has underwent multiple additions. The existing facility was over capacity with 3 portable classroom structures housing overflow students. The open floor plan created distractions within classrooms and also posed a security risk.

The new addition consisted of 8 classrooms, mechanical space, rest rooms, and coat room. CWPA expanded the main entrance to create a vestibule to provide a “gate keeper” entrance with permanent security checkpoint and key card access. Privacy and security was increased at open classrooms by in filling openings with doors and sidelights and creating access corridors where necessary. Distracting traffic through the media center was eliminated by rerouting circulation to a new corridor and providing doors to the open library space.

5060 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132-2965

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