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Millard Public Schools Black Elk Elementary Addition and Renovation

Omaha, NE | 2014
11,300 sq. ft. New
19,000 sq. ft. Renovation


Carlson West Povondra (CWPA) was hired for two Millard Public Schools projects, a gym, classrooms and restrooms addition and open to closed classroom security renovation project at Black Elk Elementary and an open to closed classroom renovation project at Ackerman Elementary.

The Black Elk project, shown here, is a 4 section K-5 elementary facility. This project was originally slated for design to begin in April, 2015, with construction to start in the fall. Because of redistricting (within the district), design was moved up to December 2013. The project was bid in February and completed July 2014 to be operable in time for start of school. The design process was compressed from 4 months to approximately 6 weeks and bids from the project came in well under the 2 million dollar construction estimate. CWPA was able to accommodate all the requests of the district to fast track this project and still meet budget and all district requirements.

Future security for the school and current security for the active school year was a high priority for the district All CWPA staff with involvement on the project complied in the Millard Public Schools Background check process. While in design development CWPA worked with the district to recommend door hardware functions, key card locations, and additional security upgrades to create a heightened peace of mind for students, parents, and staff.

Photographs by Philip Daubman Photography

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