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West Point Public Schools

West Point, NE | 2008
65,000 sq. ft. – New construction
15,000 sq. ft. – Renovation


Carlson West Povondra Architects (CWPA) was hired in the fall of 2006 to help plan and promote a bond referendum in West Point to replace an aging three-story elementary building. The project combined the Pre-K through 6th grade with the 7-12 West Point/Beemer Jr./Sr. High School, creating a K-12 facility at the Jr./Sr. High School site. The elementary school project added 65,000 square feet to the existing 88,000 square feet structure. Administrative space, science labs, business classrooms, guidance and health areas were relocated/renovated in the Jr./Sr. High School. A new kitchen was built between new lunch rooms serving elementary students on one side and Jr./Sr. high students on the other. A new gym serves elementary needs and is used for junior-varsity games, practice and community leagues. A demountable wall on one side of the vocal music room opens into the gymnasium so the space can be used as an elementary performance stage.

In 2010, design was started on a new high school entrance and classroom addition to create a more visible and secure entry point. A “gate-keeper” vestibule was added that directs visitors through the reception area to register before passing to any other area of the building. The addition filled a 3-sided courtyard on the south side of the building, creating the “identifiable” secure entrance. The project was completed in the fall of 2011.

A transportation and maintenance facility is our most recent project for West Point/Beemer Public Schools. Two 60 feet by 125 feet pre-engineered metal buildings were planned and sited on school property east of the Jr./Sr. High School. The first of the two buildings houses the district’s buses and vans. It was completed the summer of 2012. The second building will house a maintenance garage with a portable vehicle lift and additional vehicle storage. Construction is planned for 2014. Both buildings were designed in compliance with the Nebraska energy code.

Photographs by Philip Daubman Photography

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