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Laurel Concord Coleridge Public School

Laurel, NE | Fall 2023

– Facility Analysis Study 
– Bond Referendum and Promotion   
– Addition & Renovation

25,550 Sq. Ft. Renovation  
58,830 Sq. Ft. New Addition 


Laurel-Concord-Coleridge Public Schools experienced incremental growth of the student population and building structures over many decades. Starting with a two-story, 1922 school building, the district added onto the elementary and high school buildings over six times. The minor additions and renovations left the district with aging facilities of different construction types, and a confusing interior circulation pattern. 

CWPA and LCC have collaborated since 2013 on minor interior renovations for security systems and district offices. In 2018, our team studied the potential renovation of the elementary school. Designed in the 1960s, the elementary school utilized an open classroom concept. After reviewing the potential costs of renovation against the facility maintenance needs, the district decided to pursue a larger bond initiative.   

With a much larger scope of work, LCC pursued the Construction Manager at Risk delivery method. CWPA participated in the review and selection process of the construction manager. LCC awarded the construction contract to Hausmann Construction, and the process of community engagement began. Over four months, CWPA led six community meetings. By engaging with stakeholders, we identified a list of wants and needs, applied cost estimates to each, showed the fiscal impact with the school’s levy, and settled on a solution the district voters would support

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