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Milford City Hall and Police Headquarters

Milford, NE | February 2020 
5,800 Sq Ft New Construction

The single-story building is located on the main street of Milford’s downtown area and acts as a front door for the city. A public meeting room for up to 50 people and an inviting reception area serve as amenities for the community to interface with local leaders and government services.  Off of the public meeting room is a separate private conference room with storage for city council members to hold closed sessions. The open reception counter provides for the ability to have direct interaction with the public behind a counter while access controls provide for a safe and secure environment for city employees.  A secure records room that serves as a hardened space during storms is built with CMU walls and a concrete lid to protect important documents. 


The city government shares the building with the police department. Space for the police includes a secure evidence room, 2 stall garage for police vehicles, an interview room, and a large common workspace for officers to touch down when not on patrol. Cameras and direct supervision allow for police to monitor all exterior doors and the main lobby.  A small break area in the back hallway is shared by both police and city staff. 

5060 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132-2965

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