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Lexus of Lincoln

Lincoln, NE | 2018
45,500 sq. ft.

CWPA designed two dealerships for this luxury brand auto manufacturer. High quality interior materials maintain the opulence customers expect from the Lexus brand. Showroom spaces bask in natural light through the use of glass partitions and few barrier walls. The facility is customer-oriented with convenient service lanes, beverage bar, quiet and active lounge spaces, and private business touch-down offices.

The facility emphasizes sustainability by incorporating more than standard energy efficient systems, such as high speed doors on all bay openings, solar energy panel on service department roof, low-e coated glass, and in-floor radiant heating system.

The state-of-the-art service department creates a clean, efficient and comfortable work environment for service technicians. Exhaust and HVAC systems were selected for effectiveness and noise reduction capabilities. Specialized systems for power, computerized and calibrated equipment, lifts, fluids disbursement, and waste-fluid collection were coordinated and incorporated.


Photographs by Tom Kessler.


5060 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132-2965

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