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Indian Creek One

Elkhorn, NE | Fall 2019
65,468 sq. ft.


CWP worked with owner OCI to design and site test fit a multi-story office building for the owner to occupy and lease space to additional tenants. Final site of Indian Creek was selected for prominent location in new office development and site adjacency of Indian Creek Golf Course. The site dimensions influenced the design of the building shape. A slight bend in floor plate maximizes building square footage and parking on the site while adding visual interest to the facade.

Materials were selected in accordance to local development covenants. While the materials blend and accentuate the surround built and natural environment the modern, non-utilitarian application provides
intrigue and sets this Class A office space apart.

Building amenities include three story atrium/light well, third floor public meeting space, and rooftop patio with casual lounge seating.

Photos by Tom Kessler Photography

5060 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132-2965

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