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Douglas County Emergency Communications/E911 Center

Omaha, NE | Summer 2019
50,000 sq. ft.


Douglas County and CWPA worked together to replace the existing E911 services for Douglas County and the City of Omaha. Designed to operate under adverse conditions, this facility strengthens the county and city’s ability to maintain communication in the event of a natural disaster or large-scale emergency.

Challenges of moving a sophisticated, tech-driven operation into a historic facility, included upgrading building power and data infrastructure to support the high speed needs and heavy demands of the communications equipment; replacing entire HVAC and plumbing systems, and upgrading the building to ADA compliance.

The Emergency Communications Center has 24 dispatch consoles with the ability to expand another six stations, command and support offices, central server and equipment room for data/radio/UPS, conference/observation room, kitchenette, and break room. The ECC is equipped with a full battery and emergency generator back-up power system, and HVAC and electrical systems.

5060 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132-2965

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