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Community Corrections Center – Lincoln, Women’s Housing & Visitation Center

Lincoln, NE | March 2019
57,018 sq. ft.

Based on updates to the 2014 Master Plan, the renovation and expansion of the Community Corrections Center-Lincoln (CCC-L) was the highest priority for the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS). Sound correctional practices dictate that men and women be sight and sound separated to the greatest extent possible. The new addition ensures this separation while improving program access for both groups.

The female community custody unit consists of two 80-bed housing pods, each with 40 two-person rooms off a shared day room, for a total of 160 beds. Dining occurs in separate areas for men and women, supplied from a centralized kitchen. This approach creates efficiency, while achieving the desired separation. The health services area provides independent access for men and women, and will bring improvements to the delivery of health care within CCC-L.

Utilizing earth tones, wood and natural light, the interior of the new space at CCC-L creates an inspiring environment for incarcerated individuals and teammates who work there. The space utilizes original, local artwork and locations for self-reflection. Rooms were designed to serve multiple purposes including: clinical and cognitive programming, GED classes, support groups, presentations, events, job searching and more.

The new expansion project offers men and women more opportunities for work experience through the addition of a new industrial kitchen, maintenance area and workshop, and outdoor landscaping. The female living unit features case management work spaces, classrooms, and personal laundry facilities. It has a playground area outside for children and visitation space conducive to helping women reconnect with family members and friends who support them post release. These components provide opportunities for learning to live independently, make appropriate decisions, create healthy relationships, and put people in a position to succeed in their communities.


Photographs by Tom Kessler Photography

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