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Baxter Subaru

Omaha, NE | October 2017
49,311 sq. ft.

An integral part of the new Baxter Auto Campus, the Subaru building moved to the street to not be buried behind a lot of cars, increasing customer interaction within the showroom. Plazas, street-scaping, and greenery create a lively, walkable neighborhood between multiple dealership facilities on the campus. Foundations of a rugged, outdoorsy, approachable brand are reinforced by the earthy, tactile, natural interior and exterior materials.

This facility is customer-oriented with multiple interior and exterior vistas. It includes active and quiet lounges, business touch-down offices, cafe, fire pit patio, winding paths and plazas, and a dog park, available for customers to work through the details of their purchase or wait for their vehicle during service.

As part of their eco-centric brand, this facility emphasizes sustainability by incorporating more than standard energy efficient systems, such as high speed doors on all bay openings, low-e coated glass, and in-floor radiant heating system.

Photographs by Tom Kessler Photography

5060 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132-2965

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