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Baxter Auto Group Headquarters 

Omaha, NE | May 2021


This tenant finish project unified Baxter’s workforce, who had historically been spread throughout many auto dealerships. The multi-floor suite was programmed to align departments based on the frequency and importance of their daily collaboration. Due to the need to secure each department, touch-downs were designed along circulation paths to encourage spontaneous interdepartmental collaboration.  

Great care was taken to locate Baxter’s central break space in the suite’s most prominent space off the second-floor elevator, guaranteeing every employee the best views of Baxter’s neighboring dealership campus. The break lounge was furnished to optimize the square footage as casual meeting spaces useable throughout the entire workday. 

The headquarters’ interior palette was a direct reflection of the brand tone developed by the company’s marketing refresh. Baxter wished to warmly welcome staff and guests with “an earnestness” and a “hint of playfulness”.  

The design included callouts to Baxter’s automotive heart–from lug nut cabinet pulls, to perforated leather reminiscent of car upholstery, to ceiling clouds inspired by tire tread. The energetic ‘Baxter red’ was reserved for areas of impact and was balanced with calming teal. By incorporating the building shell’s materials, the designer leant a sense of building ownership to this anchor tenant’s space.  


Photography by Kessler Photography


5060 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132-2965

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