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Archer Credit Union – St. Paul Branch

St. Paul, NE | March 2020
4,730 sq. ft.


The St. Paul office was a new branch location for Archer Credit Union. The building is designed around a high vaulted entrance that leads into a central lobby space that is accented with a back lit logo glass display.

Five offices were orientated around the lobby to allow for views to see members as they enter and wait in the space. A large conference room was also located off the lobby that can be used by the community and has the potential to be subdivided into two additional offices as the credit union’s needs grow.

The teller area was designed to include a work counter and workstation area that doubles as a divider for the lobby and drive-thru teller areas.

Public access to the vault and safety deposit viewing room was restricted by locating it off of a controlled corridor that staff have direct access to from the teller space. Additional access is given to the branch manager by locating their office so that they have views and access to both the lobby and teller areas directly from their office.


Photography by Kevin Franz


5060 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132-2965

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