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15808 West Dodge Building

Omaha, NE | November 2015
44,138 sq. ft.


Having been submerged within a suburban area of Omaha for over 20 years, Tagge Rutherford Financial Group sought to improve their presence in the city and benefit from visual prominence by relocating to a high profile site along Omaha’s business thoroughfare. CWPA was selected as part of the design/build team to design the new office complex that TRFG will own and occupy as anchor tenant.

CWPA was challenged to create a secure and functional interior and a worthy exterior that would differentiate itself from neighboring traditional office buildings and project an image of permanence without the use of lavish materials. Further, the building owners were anxious to attract additional building tenants in a competitive real estate market.

The narrow sloping site posed several challenges but offered the unique ability to create an enclosed parking garage on the lowest level accessible from the staff parking lot while maintaining public lobby accessible at the first floor level. The open atrium lobby with a mix of natural woods, exposed concrete, and a neutral color palate create a warm, welcoming and yet modernly sophisticated feel that promises to complement the inclusion of a variety of building tenants.

5060 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132-2965

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