Toppenish, WA | 2013

10,700 sq. ft. - Fire Management Facility

3,900 sq. ft. - Storage Facility


As part of The Yakama Nation Public Safety Campus the Fire Management and Storage Facilities support but function separately from the neighboring Correctional Facility.   Following the Master Plan that CWPA developed with The Yakama Nation the inclusion of these buildings on the Public Safety Campus allows for the greatest economy of construction cost, sharing site utilities and amenities across multiple facilities.  Cost economies will be further seen as additional planned buildings infill the campus.


 The Fire Management building includes general offices for Tribal Forestry and Fire Management as well as support spaces such as records and map storage, locker rooms, fitness room, equipment and consumable goods storage and cache, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle storage. The developed site includes a secure fenced and CCTV monitored vehicle storage and staging area, a tanker truck fill station, staging space for seasonal worker parking and camping, and a helicopter landing area. To accommodate the future growth this building is designed for future expansion of the vehicle storage and maintenance bays.


Constructed with unused grant monies realized when the Correctional Facility was constructed under budget The Yakama Nation Corrections Storage Facility includes space for general storage, motor and water vehicle storage, and grounds maintenance storage.  Additionally, it houses pump and circulation equipment for a shallow well serving the Campus’ lawn irrigation and Fire Management’s pumper truck fill station well.


Photographs by FireflyBLU

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